Wednesday, June 4

Silence is the only language in which we can communicate truly. It doesn't mean that any other language is of no use, but what we have for convey in reality, is only can be conveyed in silence because words can't carry the live meaning. But for most of us, it is the forgotten language. That is why we have to use many other words of different languages and of course, we can use the most beautiful ways of expressing ourselves through words, that is appreciable, but all our chit-chat must towards a way to enter in serenity of silence again. So our words are not meaningful if they don't serve this purpose. We are not concerned about the silence of a speechless person here. In fact we are concerned here the type of silence which comes after trying almost all ways of communicating through words. This is what I think, appeals like a truth to any sincere heart.
-Thus Feels M

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